Is there any other better way to enhance the aesthetics of a building other than beautiful landscapes with lush green lawns, well blossomed flowering plants, fluttering of brightly winged butterflies, and decorative stone paths? As a landscape architect in Pune, we can vouch that everybody loves to have manicured lawn decorated with artificial water bodies or fountains, statues, stone paths, eye catching flowers, natural rock seats and list goes on. The reason we stress upon landscapes is quite simple – Sanctum Design loves nature and believes in eco-friendly ambience. Also, landscapes help to develop harmony and strike a balance between conservation and construction.

Availability of space is never a major criterion for landscape. With open space becoming a scare commodity for landscapes in downtown areas, indoor landscapes along with beautiful artificial water bodies and roof top gardening have made remarkable inroads. We try to uplift the client’s requirement by aesthetically designing the landscapes that does not cost an arm and a leg.

The landscape design team of Sanctum design works closely with other associate members to implement comprehensive solution. We consider all aspects of the design, starting from laying the greeneries to installing energy efficient infrastructure for watering the land bodies.

The relentless efforts of our dedicated team add value at each and every stage of designing. Hence we do not try to match the client’s expectation… We always exceed them.